Avesta Municipality is in the midst of an exciting period of development. With new companies, homes and a new urban plan we are focusing on the future.

Hardly anyone has failed to notice events in Avesta. But even more is on the way. With the support of the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson foundation, Avesta Municipality has carved out a visionary urban plan for Avesta Going Forward. The idea for the new city centre was developed in dialogue between the people of Avesta, and their local politicians and civil servants.
The result of this joint effort now forms the basis of the ongoing development of Avesta Going Forward.
The new vision for the town centre contains more shops, homes and car parks. And also the vision of a renovated town centre with pedestrian areas, cafés and restaurants along the river bank and a new vibrant business zone right in the centre.

Avesta Growing

Avesta Going Forward sounds attractive, right? Come and join us as we transform our vision into reality. Our business developers are ready to help you and your company to make a successful start here. Get in touch today!
The job of breathing life into the visionary new urban plan is already underway. The development will happen in stages, with milestones up until 2025/2030.By getting the people of Avesta involved, valuable insights have been gained into what they want for the future. The qualities and development needs expressed by the residents formed the basis of the five goals and visions formulated for Avesta Going Forward. A city vibrant with business and commerce, A city where things happen, A city on the river, A city that knows its roots and A city on a human scale.